• A Fresh Start at Twin Lakes

    I went through a range of emotions when my husband told me he was leaving me. I was in disbelief, but that quickly turned to sadness, which quickly transformed into anger. Thankfully, those emotions did not last long, which shows that he had the right idea because I should have mourned our marriage a lot longer than what I did. My final emotion was excitement, because this was a brand new start for me. I wanted to look at Wichita apartments because I was really excited to head back home again after being away from the area for nearly four years.

    I only needed a one bedroom apartment, so I did a search for one bedroom and one bath units in the area I wanted to live. I grew up in and around the Wichita area and even though I had been gone for a few years, I still knew where I wanted to be. I looked at the apartments at Twin Lakes first, and I found exactly what I wanted. There were so many different floor plans for one bedroom units, and I chose one of the bigger ones. Just because it was only me who would be there did not mean that I wanted to feel crammed.

    I love the amenities that are here too. Most apartment complexes have a nice swimming pool, but this one has five! Yes, I said five, which is unheard of. It also has game rooms, a fitness center, and yoga classes. The best part for me is the 22 acre lake. There are pontoon and paddle boats, and I have found that is the best way for me to relax. I thought my world had crashed and burned just a few months ago, but right now I am the happiest I have ever been.

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