• Catching Up Was Really Fun to Do

    An old friend called me out of the blue to catch up with me. We had always been close, but we both had to move to separate states after we both got married. It was great to catch up with him. He told me that he was living a great building full of luxury apartments in Atlanta for a couple of years, and he and his wife had recently gotten divorced. It was a shock at first because I had assumed that they were a great couple who would make it for the long haul. He sounded really down, and that prompted me to tell him we should get together and hang out sometime so that’s what we did.

    I had been wanting to take a vacation for awhile, but I had not quite figured out exactly where I wanted to go or who I would go with. So, the phone call I got that night came at a great time. My friend sounded really bummed out, and that made it seem like visiting now would be a better time to visit instead of later on in the future. He was enthusiastic and told me that I should come visit him. He had a lot of places around town that he said he felt I would really like. I made my flight arrangements and called him back to tell him I would be out there in a week and a half.

    Seeing my old friend in person was great. We had not seen one another in about eight years. It felt like old times the moment that I saw him. I got to meet some of his friend, his daughter and we talked a lot. I think he really needed someone to talk to, and he did tell me that discussing what happened with his wife helped him. I loved the city he lives in. It’s too bad I have a full-time job or I might have given some thought to moving out to that area.

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