• Do I Need to Hire a Realtor?

    It is not going to be easy, but I have decided that I am going to do what I need to do to save up the money that I need to get a house of my own. It is going to be a small one obviously, because that is all that I need and all that I can afford. A friend of mine is working as an agent for a realtor in Cherry Creek and I got him to talk to me about the process. Of course he is not so good of a friend that he would do this stuff for me for free and he was smart enough to figure out that I was trying to get him to help me without doing that stuff that paid him. I have been looking around at the types of places that I can hope to afford and really it does not seem like it is going to be all that tough to get the down payment saved up. In fact a really small house can cost a good deal less than a lot of luxury cars.

    The trouble will be getting a mortgage, especially since there is only one of me and I only have one income. If you go to the bank they are going to be worried about what happens if I were to lose the job that I have. They are really not in the habit of making bad loans to people like me, they do that for other big bankers and rich businessmen. If a person like me wants to borrow some money they have to look a lot like a sure thing, or in my case I would probably just need to get married to a woman who had a good paying job to look like a safe bet.

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