• Helped a Buddy with This Job

    My buddy was telling me that he needed someone to help him out this weekend and I did my best not to seem too interested, but of course he managed to talk me into it right after he told me that the job paid a hundred dollars and his boss was paying for what we ate. In fact he had to pay for my gas too, because he wanted me, my truck and my trailer to help him move a young man to some apartments for rent in south Charlotte NC. It was his boss’ son and he was going off to college, in a lot more style than most young men did. Apparently his mother had seen this as an opportunity to remodel her living room and the den, so she had given him all of the furniture in there. This was quite a lot of things and much more than would fit in the truck that they rented.

    In fact a trailer is ideal for this sort of thing, because you do not have to get the heaviest things up that high above the ground and you have nothing really in the way when you load it and unload it. At any rate this young man was of no help whatsoever, even though he was big enough to play on the offensive line of a college football team. When we got there he unlocked the door to the place and then he disappeared. In fact when he eventually showed back up we could understand exactly why he had so little time to help us. He had three other teenagers with him, all of them very attractive young ladies. If I had been his age and single I would have been real happy to ditch work for any one of these girls.

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