• I Learned the Hard Way Just How Easy Getting Help is

    I had to chuckle when I learned how easy it was to finally ease my back pain. My brother teased me and said I must have been the only person in the city who didn’t realize that a chiropractor in Sacramento is who you should go to immediately when you’ve hurt your back. I think that he may be right about me being the last person to know. But the guy I went to made me forget that I was even in pain in the first place, even though I had been hurting for so long.

    I never really thought of pain from a strained back as being something that is important enough to get help for very quickly. Any time I had a little trouble in the past, it would go away after about a week or so. I assumed the same thing this last time that it happened, but three weeks later, the trouble remained. I decided not to push myself so hard each day physically. Rather than mow my own lawn, I hired someone to do it a couple of times. Rather than go out to play ball with my kids, I sent them over to one of their friend’s homes to play ball there. I had hoped that these and many more things I took a break from would help me to heal, but it really didn’t.

    I tried to ease the situation with some pain pills. It took the edge off for sure. I had to go to work every day without fail, so I really couldn’t put up with pain while in the office. It helped me to get through each work day for the most part. At some pint, things began to get worse and I complained a lot. That’s when my brother asked me why I had not gone to see a chiropractor yet.

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