• Looking for an Apartment Outside Minneapolis

    I ended up looking for apartments for rent in Edina MN after accepting a position with a large national retailer whose headquarters are located in Minneapolis. I spent a fair amount of time looking at various apartments inside the city and I discovered that all of them lacked the sort of things I felt I needed. The worst problem I found is that my commute to work and back would take far longer than I planned. I’m coming from a town where it’s a five minute drive to work, so this is a big problem for me.

    I wasn’t about to lose a couple of hours of my day sitting in traffic, so I needed to think outside the box and look at the suburban areas around the city. One would think that such locations might actually add to the commute time, but in my case I was able to find a complex in a suburb that is actually closer to my new office than any of the places I looked at in the city. It’s not going to be a five minute scenic drive, but it’s also not going to be an hour sitting in city traffic either.

    As for the complex, it’s better than I could possibly imagine. I love the town, and the apartment complex is located near plenty of eating establishments and shopping areas. As for the complex itself, there are so many amenities offered that it simply boggles the mind. They’ve thought of everything to make living here a perfect situation. Even the people living in the neighboring units have that upper Midwest friendliness that is a hallmark of the area. I can’t wait to move in and get to work. And when I’m done with work, I’ll be back at my apartment faster than many of my co-workers can get to their homes!

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