• My Commute Time is Much Shorter Now

    I used to pass a lot of Manassas VA apartments on my way to work before I came up with the brilliant idea that I needed to move closer to where I work. I was living nearly 40 minutes away, but that could be a much longer drive when traffic is really congested, which seems to be getting worse with every passing year. There was nothing holding me to the area I was living in other than my folks were real close to me. Considering I was driving to work five days a week and seeing them maybe once a week, it just made sense to relocate closer to work and then make that long drive once a week to visit them.

    I passed so many apartment complexes that it was not hard for me to find one that I really like a lot. The Palisades complex seemed to be the nicest one, based just off of the looks of it from the street, so I made that the first one I looked at on my new search for an apartment close to work. When they say you cannot judge a book by its cover, they are not talking about Palisades, I can tell you that much.

    I was taken on a tour of the grounds as well as a few of the apartments, and the inside of the complex is just as impressive as the outside. I knew I would be happy here, so I just started the process of making it mine right then and there. I was able to move in within three weeks, and my life has gotten so much easier because I am only commuting about ten minutes to work now instead of 40. I don’t even have to deal with rush hour traffic because I take the train now!

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