• We Were Able to Beat Them at Their Own Game

    I come from a very competitive family. We are very athletic, and it is not uncommon at all for there to be a wager on a group sporting event. We all love to ride, hike, swim and golf, but one thing I had never done was clay pigeon shooting. When my two brothers started learning more about the sport, I knew that there was going to be a challenge thrown sooner rather than later. I decided that I was going to beat them at their own game though. They probably figured since I am a woman, they could easily beat me in what they considered a man’s game.

    Though they have had a bit of practice at shooting, I was not concerned. I had researched where they shoot at, and I knew that I was going to be just fine on my own. What I had found out is that there is an instructor there who will walk me through everything I need to know. The best part is that because they want everyone to enjoy this, I was able to bring my 14 year old daughter with me. She was able to learn everything I did and practice just as I did, but there was no cost for her participation.

    That had both of us giggling, because we were learning not only about gun safety, but also how to effectively shoot at the clay pigeons. We knew that we were going to smoke the boys. When that call finally came a few weeks later, we were ready. It was under the guise that they wanted to introduce us to clay pigeon shooting, but my daughter and I knew that it was just a set up. We were able to turn the tables on them though when we had 100 percent accuracy whereas they did not!

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